Most Energetic Kratom Strains

energetic kratomAs I mentioned in my experiences with maeng da, a good stimulating kratom strain can be hugely beneficial for focus and productivity. Even creativity can be boosted by one of these strains. This post won’t be as long as some of my others, because the topic is pretty straightforward. Here I will show you what I have found to be the most energetic and focus inducing kratom strains.


Thai is by far the king of energetic effects when it comes to kratom. This strain typically doesn’t have much painkilling ability (although some varieties surprisingly do), however, the focus and mental focus it provides are exceptional. This strain doesn’t last as long as say, maeng da, so if doing sustained work, you may need to redose. However, within the hour of taking it, you will be ready for almost anything. I don’t suggest you mix it with coffee if you are prone to anxiety.

Maeng Da

This strain is the best of both worlds – high levels of energy alongside pain relief. This strain lasts longer energetically than Thai, however, at high doses it can tend to be slightly more sedating. To get the most from this strain, you will need to learn to calibrate the dosage specifically for your needs. Some MD strains tend to get more sedating on their tail end, so, like Thai, redosing may be necessary for long stretches of work.


Malaysian, while not as energetic as the above strain, is very effective for inducing focus. Although we don’t know the reason why, we highly suggest you try it out and see how it affects you. This is by far the longest lasting when it comes to focus and energetic effects, sometimes up to 8 hours.

White Vein Borneo

Energy is likely the last thing you would expect from a Borneo strain, however, some white vein borneos can be quite effective for this purpose. They are a much lighter experience than the above strains, but they tend to provide enough mood boost to get you immersed into whatever you are trying to do without any excessive stimulation, as this person has noted in their review.

All of these strains can be very effective for energy and focus, and as they are all unique and awesome in their own way, we highly suggest you try them all.

My Experiences With Maeng Da Kratom

maeng da kratomOf all the vast varieties of strains of kratom, maeng da is often still considered to be the king. The reason for this is that it provides an immense level of pain relief, and unlike many other pain relieving kratom strains which tend to sedate, maeng da is very energetic.

The first time I decided to try kratom myself, I purchased a Bali strain, made some tea, and within 15 minutes a felt a sensation of contentment and warmth. I walked to a riverside park down the road from my house and sat for what felt like hours, quietly and peacefully contemplating nature and how I had not found this plant earlier.

After this experience, I was immensely curious about different strains of kratom. It is rare that one plant has so much versatility, the only other parallel that I have found is the immense variety of cannabis strains.

After much research, I decided to try Maeng Da, commonly hailed as the most potent of all kratom strains. Like the last time, I made tea, and I sat down reading a book. I quickly found myself becoming increasingly more enthralled and absorbed by this book, every page was its own rising action, climax and falling.

After twenty or so minutes of this, I realized how different in character this remarkable strain was compared to my previous experience. I felt like I had drank a large coffee, but without any negative physical side effects and with a deeply felt sense of wellbeing and energy.

Noticing my state, I decided to see how effectively I could work on this strain. Much of my work is very detail oriented and mentally tiring, however, today I was able to keep on going, and going, and going. My productivity was almost doubled, as is often noted by kratom users, as I didn’t have to take any breaks to regather my focus.

It struck me how amazingly different the same plant could be. The first was a great, euphoric experience, but the maeng da was much more immersive and exciting.

For those who haven’t tried maeng da, I highly suggest it. It is unlike any other substance I have yet to try, and it still remains one of my absolute favorites.

Everything About Bali Kratom

bali kratomAlthough not as well-known as the maeng da kratom strain, Bali has been by far the most commonly purchased strain of all. There are many reasons for this, but primary of these is its very low cost combined with its high potency, making it one of the best kratom strains for those who are looking to get the most for the money.

About Bali Kratom

Although the Bali strain was said to have originated in Bali, it is only in extremely rare occasions still grown there. The reason for this is that many other areas in Indonesia provide much better climate for growing the strongest kratom. This combined with the open land areas in Indonesia and the generally cultural attitude toward kratom in this reason, areas such as Borneo are now the lead producers of Bali kratom strains.

Additionally, Bali strains are some of the highest producing of all kratom varieties, which allows sellers to price the leaf lower than strains such as Thai, which produce less leaf per season.

Bali contains the majority of the quintessential effects that every kratom should provide, and for that reason it is beloved by so many – both those who use it for medicinal purposes as well as those looking to use it recreationally.

Bali Kratom Effects

By far the most essential area to look into when getting into any kratom strain is the effects that it provides, as this should be what dictates whether a strain is worth it for you to try or use. There have been in-depth guides on bali kratom, we know that most of you want an easily skimmable guide to help you know whether this strain’s effects are a good fit for you.

By far the most common effects of Bali include:

  • Potent Pain Relief
  • Opiate Withdrawal Relief
  • Euphoria
  • Sedation
  • Sense of physical comfort & wellbeing

Of all effects of Bali, these are by far the most prominent. As mentioned, this strain is very far on the sedating side of the spectrum, and for that reason, those who are looking for an energetic strain are better off with a Thai or Maeng Da variety.

Variations and Differences

That said, compared to all other varieties, those who are looking for pain relief at the lowest cost will do well by choosing a strong red or green vein bali.

It should be mentioned, however, that different vein types within bali strains can have change the effects of the strain entirely. For example, red vein bali, which is the most common variety, is highly sedating and effective for painkilling and quite euphoric.

Green vein bali, while also very effect for pain relief, is slightly less sedating and is moderately euphoric.

White vein bali, however, is much less effective for painkilling, and in some cases, can even be somewhat stimulating. Although it is less euphoric to most people, many individuals have found it to be one of the favorite mood lifting strains.

Although the different varieties of Bali kratom have their own effects, every person who tries any vein type of this strain is likely to be effected differently than the person who is sitting the left or right of them. Because of this, it is likely that one will need to do some testing of their own, which is easy in this case, due to the low cost of Bali kratom.

Bali is an extremely effective type of kratom for a variety of conditions, and its effects and low cost have made it one of the most beloved of all kratom strains. I’m sure that you will find a variety that suits you.




Weight Loss Kratom Strain Guide

kratom weight loss

An effect of kratom that people seem to have only just now begun to notice is weight loss. In my years of experience with kratom, I can attest to the fact that you can certainly lose weight with kratom.

There are a few different strains that are most effective for weight loss, some of these include:

  • Thai
  • Maeng Da
  • Malaysian

It is these three strains that tend to have the biggest impact on reducing hunger and increasing metabolism rate, and many users have noted that it dramatically decreases sugar cravings.

Strains that tend to be more sedating, such as Bali, Borneo, Indo, and Sumatra may have mixed results, as they occasionally can temporarily stimulate appetite, however, as tolerance to them increases, this effect tends to go away.

For those who just want a small boost in their weight loss by taking it every few days to reduce appetite and speed up their metabolism, it can be a great supplement.

However, before you decide to take kratom every day, it is a good idea to be somewhat cautious. The reason for this is that you do develop a tolerance to this plant when taking it every day, and if you take it for a long period of time regularly, you may even have some withdrawal symptoms.

Although the withdrawal symptoms are extremely mild in comparison to other opiates, it is not worth it. There are many other effective ways to lose weight quickly.

That said, moderate use of kratom for weight loss can still be very helpful, so long as it is not overdone.

Tips and Tricks to Getting Kratom Online

kratom onlineIf you’re reading this post, I’m assuming that you’re no stranger to the internet, and have very likely bought plenty of products online, so I’ll spare you the broad stroke guide on buying kratom online. Instead, this post will focus on things that are unique to buying kratom which you should be aware of.

I hope that, after reading this guide, you will be able to buy kratom with confidence, and get good results.

Unlike many other supplements and products, kratom isn’t regulated by the FDA, as it isn’t considered a dietary supplement. Although this can make it difficult for suppliers to regularly keep kratom in stock due to FDA regulations, it can also make it more difficult to be sure you are getting a high quality product, as kratom harvesting and processing facilities don’t need to be inspected at dietary supplement standards.

Because it is unregulated, it is important that you are buying kratom from a high quality source, and reputable vendors. For this reason, I find that it is a good idea to ask vendors about their standards at which they process and buy their kratom.

Typically, vendors who process their kratom safely and correctly are more commonly purchased from, as indicated by their final product. The best way to tell the quality of the kratom before buying is to see how many long-term users a particular company has, this is easy done through reviews found at many online communities. However, kratom effects can vary dramatically depending upon the type. A great, and very complete, guide to kratom can be found here.

Another thing to take note of is the quality and potency of the kratom itself. If you buy almost any product online, you know before you purchase what you are getting, with kratom, it is a bit more difficult, as potency can vary dramatically between vendors.

Typically, more established kratom vendors tend to stock higher quality kratom, as they have been in the market for longer, and have better sources of kratom at lower costs. However, there is no way to be absolutely sure of the quality of kratom that you are getting, even if getting the same strain from the same vendor, potency can still vary.

Because of this, there is an inherent risk in buying kratom, however, there are certainly ways to minimize that risk. One of the most important of these is doing your homework before purchasing from anyone; there is plenty of information available online on different vendors and strains, so don’t overlook it.

Additionally, a good way to minimize risk is to buy in smaller quantities from different vendors instead of a big purchase from one vendor. Although it may be a little more expensive, you have much less risk of buying a low quality product.

Overall, buy kratom online is tricky, but with a little bit of work, you can minimize your risk and have great results.

Keeping this Wonderful Plant Legal

As has become well-known over the past hundred years, addiction is a seriously problem. Whether it is simply a symptom of our ways of life and culture, or whether it is a simply a biological backfiring, we have yet to find out. Sadly, kratom, arguably the most effective of natural treatments for opiate addiction has shakier and shakier legal status every day due to continual lobbying by the pharmaceutical industry and biased media.

Anyone who is convicted to help fight this battle against kratom illegalization and ignorance should take steps to help right this wrong. This can be done by writing your representatives, protesting, or providing unbiased and correct information on this plant instead of the typical media regurgitation of misleading information and fearmongering.

The Methods of Kratom Use

kratom usage methodsAs a first post, I decided to make it something that I feel a lot of my readers can benefit from, and of all plants, kratom is the most highly regarded by me.

Since I started taking kratom many years ago, I have tinkered with a vast array of different ways of taking kratom. The only one I can say that I haven’t yet been able to try is the quid (I tried it with dried leaf, and safe to say it didn’t work as intended). Typically, after much practice, when taking kratom I tend to use the toss ‘n’ wash method, although it may not be suitable for everyone.

Below are some different methods of using this plant, each of which is effective in their own way.


I’ll start out with the tea method, as it was the first method I used, and still remains one of my favorites when I have the time to make it. Because kratom typically comes in powder or crushed leaf form, it is fairly easy to make a tea of it.

The basic method is to place the kratom in a low boil/high simmer for 15 minutes (45 for crushed leaf), remove the leaf material and drink. There are however, ways to increase the amount of alkaloids absorbed, such as adding lemon juice during the boil, which I have found to be fairly effective.

The benefits of tea is that it affects you the most quickly compared to any other method, not taking into account the boiling process. If you have an empty stomach and no tolerance, you can often begin to feel the initial effects in less than 10 minutes. However, for pain relief, it tends to be somewhat less effective per weight than toss and wash or other powder methods. However, because it kicks in quickly, it can be highly effective for unexpected spikes of pain if you have it prepared beforehand.

Toss and Wash

The toss and wash is very common among experienced kratom users, and consists of taking the powder straight into the mouth and washing it down with water. My advice is to put a liquid in your mouth before adding the kratom and mix with your tongue, otherwise the kratom will stick to the inside of your mouth. Be careful not to inhale kratom! Every experienced kratom user has done this at one time or another, and it is far from enjoyable.


The quid is the original method of use (alongside tea) in the areas in which kratom originated. It is done by taking fresh leaves, wrapping them up into a bundle and chewing on them for a period of time. This method affects you quickly because some of the alkaloids are absorbed through the thin skin of the mouth. If you get the opportunity to use this method, definitely do it!


Another method is to take kratom powder and mix it, often in a bottle, with a drink. For a more even mixture, many have suggested blender bottles which you can get for fairly cheap off of Amazon.

Most who use this method use juices. Even smoothies have been used, but my experiences with mixing kratom in a smoothie have been mostly negative. This method is fast, and is especially great for those who can’t toss n wash.

There are a vast amount of different methods of kratom usage, and each of them can be effective. Give them a shot!