Everything About Bali Kratom

bali kratomAlthough not as well-known as the maeng da kratom strain, Bali has been by far the most commonly purchased strain of all. There are many reasons for this, but primary of these is its very low cost combined with its high potency, making it one of the best kratom strains for those who are looking to get the most for the money.

About Bali Kratom

Although the Bali strain was said to have originated in Bali, it is only in extremely rare occasions still grown there. The reason for this is that many other areas in Indonesia provide much better climate for growing the strongest kratom. This combined with the open land areas in Indonesia and the generally cultural attitude toward kratom in this reason, areas such as Borneo are now the lead producers of Bali kratom strains.

Additionally, Bali strains are some of the highest producing of all kratom varieties, which allows sellers to price the leaf lower than strains such as Thai, which produce less leaf per season.

Bali contains the majority of the quintessential effects that every kratom should provide, and for that reason it is beloved by so many – both those who use it for medicinal purposes as well as those looking to use it recreationally.

Bali Kratom Effects

By far the most essential area to look into when getting into any kratom strain is the effects that it provides, as this should be what dictates whether a strain is worth it for you to try or use. There have been in-depth guides on bali kratom, we know that most of you want an easily skimmable guide to help you know whether this strain’s effects are a good fit for you.

By far the most common effects of Bali include:

  • Potent Pain Relief
  • Opiate Withdrawal Relief
  • Euphoria
  • Sedation
  • Sense of physical comfort & wellbeing

Of all effects of Bali, these are by far the most prominent. As mentioned, this strain is very far on the sedating side of the spectrum, and for that reason, those who are looking for an energetic strain are better off with a Thai or Maeng Da variety.

Variations and Differences

That said, compared to all other varieties, those who are looking for pain relief at the lowest cost will do well by choosing a strong red or green vein bali.

It should be mentioned, however, that different vein types within bali strains can have change the effects of the strain entirely. For example, red vein bali, which is the most common variety, is highly sedating and effective for painkilling and quite euphoric.

Green vein bali, while also very effect for pain relief, is slightly less sedating and is moderately euphoric.

White vein bali, however, is much less effective for painkilling, and in some cases, can even be somewhat stimulating. Although it is less euphoric to most people, many individuals have found it to be one of the favorite mood lifting strains.

Although the different varieties of Bali kratom have their own effects, every person who tries any vein type of this strain is likely to be effected differently than the person who is sitting the left or right of them. Because of this, it is likely that one will need to do some testing of their own, which is easy in this case, due to the low cost of Bali kratom.

Bali is an extremely effective type of kratom for a variety of conditions, and its effects and low cost have made it one of the most beloved of all kratom strains. I’m sure that you will find a variety that suits you.




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