The Methods of Kratom Use

kratom usage methodsAs a first post, I decided to make it something that I feel a lot of my readers can benefit from, and of all plants, kratom is the most highly regarded by me.

Since I started taking kratom many years ago, I have tinkered with a vast array of different ways of taking kratom. The only one I can say that I haven’t yet been able to try is the quid (I tried it with dried leaf, and safe to say it didn’t work as intended). Typically, after much practice, when taking kratom I tend to use the toss ‘n’ wash method, although it may not be suitable for everyone.

Below are some different methods of using this plant, each of which is effective in their own way.


I’ll start out with the tea method, as it was the first method I used, and still remains one of my favorites when I have the time to make it. Because kratom typically comes in powder or crushed leaf form, it is fairly easy to make a tea of it.

The basic method is to place the kratom in a low boil/high simmer for 15 minutes (45 for crushed leaf), remove the leaf material and drink. There are however, ways to increase the amount of alkaloids absorbed, such as adding lemon juice during the boil, which I have found to be fairly effective.

The benefits of tea is that it affects you the most quickly compared to any other method, not taking into account the boiling process. If you have an empty stomach and no tolerance, you can often begin to feel the initial effects in less than 10 minutes. However, for pain relief, it tends to be somewhat less effective per weight than toss and wash or other powder methods. However, because it kicks in quickly, it can be highly effective for unexpected spikes of pain if you have it prepared beforehand.

Toss and Wash

The toss and wash is very common among experienced kratom users, and consists of taking the powder straight into the mouth and washing it down with water. My advice is to put a liquid in your mouth before adding the kratom and mix with your tongue, otherwise the kratom will stick to the inside of your mouth. Be careful not to inhale kratom! Every experienced kratom user has done this at one time or another, and it is far from enjoyable.


The quid is the original method of use (alongside tea) in the areas in which kratom originated. It is done by taking fresh leaves, wrapping them up into a bundle and chewing on them for a period of time. This method affects you quickly because some of the alkaloids are absorbed through the thin skin of the mouth. If you get the opportunity to use this method, definitely do it!


Another method is to take kratom powder and mix it, often in a bottle, with a drink. For a more even mixture, many have suggested blender bottles which you can get for fairly cheap off of Amazon.

Most who use this method use juices. Even smoothies have been used, but my experiences with mixing kratom in a smoothie have been mostly negative. This method is fast, and is especially great for those who can’t toss n wash.

There are a vast amount of different methods of kratom usage, and each of them can be effective. Give them a shot!

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