Most Energetic Kratom Strains

energetic kratomAs I mentioned in my experiences with maeng da, a good stimulating kratom strain can be hugely beneficial for focus and productivity. Even creativity can be boosted by one of these strains. This post won’t be as long as some of my others, because the topic is pretty straightforward. Here I will show you what I have found to be the most energetic and focus inducing kratom strains.


Thai is by far the king of energetic effects when it comes to kratom. This strain typically doesn’t have much painkilling ability (although some varieties surprisingly do), however, the focus and mental focus it provides are exceptional. This strain doesn’t last as long as say, maeng da, so if doing sustained work, you may need to redose. However, within the hour of taking it, you will be ready for almost anything. I don’t suggest you mix it with coffee if you are prone to anxiety.

Maeng Da

This strain is the best of both worlds – high levels of energy alongside pain relief. This strain lasts longer energetically than Thai, however, at high doses it can tend to be slightly more sedating. To get the most from this strain, you will need to learn to calibrate the dosage specifically for your needs. Some MD strains tend to get more sedating on their tail end, so, like Thai, redosing may be necessary for long stretches of work.


Malaysian, while not as energetic as the above strain, is very effective for inducing focus. Although we don’t know the reason why, we highly suggest you try it out and see how it affects you. This is by far the longest lasting when it comes to focus and energetic effects, sometimes up to 8 hours.

White Vein Borneo

Energy is likely the last thing you would expect from a Borneo strain, however, some white vein borneos can be quite effective for this purpose. They are a much lighter experience than the above strains, but they tend to provide enough mood boost to get you immersed into whatever you are trying to do without any excessive stimulation, as this person has noted in their review.

All of these strains can be very effective for energy and focus, and as they are all unique and awesome in their own way, we highly suggest you try them all.

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