Weight Loss Kratom Strain Guide

kratom weight loss

An effect of kratom that people seem to have only just now begun to notice is weight loss. In my years of experience with kratom, I can attest to the fact that you can certainly lose weight with kratom.

There are a few different strains that are most effective for weight loss, some of these include:

  • Thai
  • Maeng Da
  • Malaysian

It is these three strains that tend to have the biggest impact on reducing hunger and increasing metabolism rate, and many users have noted that it dramatically decreases sugar cravings.

Strains that tend to be more sedating, such as Bali, Borneo, Indo, and Sumatra may have mixed results, as they occasionally can temporarily stimulate appetite, however, as tolerance to them increases, this effect tends to go away.

For those who just want a small boost in their weight loss by taking it every few days to reduce appetite and speed up their metabolism, it can be a great supplement.

However, before you decide to take kratom every day, it is a good idea to be somewhat cautious. The reason for this is that you do develop a tolerance to this plant when taking it every day, and if you take it for a long period of time regularly, you may even have some withdrawal symptoms.

Although the withdrawal symptoms are extremely mild in comparison to other opiates, it is not worth it. There are many other effective ways to lose weight quickly.

That said, moderate use of kratom for weight loss can still be very helpful, so long as it is not overdone.

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